PC Harry Todd was a constable in the Borders and Lothian Police. He was stationed at Great London Road Police Statin during Hide & Seek, and received an anonymous call from Tracy to investigate the death of Ronnie McGrath. He discovered the body in Pilmuir with Francis O'Rourke, and also a pentagram painted on the wall, then was sent by DI Rebus to question the neighbours about the death. Two days later he was summoned by Rebus to answer questions about the discovery of the body. Later that day he was called out to Pilmuir again, this time for a domestic incident at Charlie Vanderhyde's house. He found Tracy there, and took her back to the station along with Ronnie's camera which was found in the house. Then the following Saturday Todd was recruited by Brian Holmes to be involved in a drunken brawl at Finlay's Club, to provide a distraction for John Rebus to investigate the secret basement. He was commended for his involvement in bringing an underground boxing club to justice.

Todd has a Scottish Higher in German and drives a White Metro.