Jim Stevens is a journalist who has worked for several different newspapers in Edinburgh and London.

While working as crime correspondent for an Edinburgh newspaper under Tom Jameson, he was widely regarded as the best newsman around. He had many contacts in the criminal fraternity such as Big Podeen, and knew the best way to get a story. While working on a case involving the transportation of drugs by Michael Rebus, Stevens was put onto the Edinburgh Strangler story. However he still wanted to follow up on the drugs story, and suspected John Rebus of being in league with his brother. After hearing about Rebus's anonymous notes from McGregor Campbell in the Sutherland Bar, Stevens continued to investigate both brothers. When Samantha Rebus was kidnapped, he assumed that the murders and the drug trafficking was linked, and so sneaked into Rebus's flat to interview Michael. He then followed John to a bar and confronted him with the drugs story, and got beaten for it. Then he told John everything he knew, and once Gordon Reeve was apprehended he ran the drugs story and made sure Michael was put behind bars. He then took a job in London and moved South.

Appearances Edit

  • Knots & Crosses
  • Black & Blue