Roy Frazer: Detective Inspector Rebus enters the room.

Ray Heggie: Join the party.

Roy Frazer: The locals organised a search party, you weren't part of it. How come?

Ray Heggie: I wasn't there.

Roy Frazer: Where were you?

Ray Heggie: Glasgow. I went out drinking with a mate, stayed the night at his place. Ask him, he'll tell you.

Roy Frazer: I'm sure he will. Mates are good that way, aren't they?

Ray Heggie: It's the truth.

Roy Frazer: You went out drinking, that means there'll be witnesses. So name me some.

Ray Heggie: Give me a break. Look, the pubs were all dead, so we got a carry-out and went back to his flat. Sat watching some videos.

Roy Frazer: Anything good?

Ray Heggie: Top-shelf stuff.

Roy Frazer: Porn?

Ray Heggie: That's what I said.

Roy Frazer: Straight?

Ray Heggie: I'm not a poof.

Roy Frazer: I meant, was there any lezzie action?

Ray Heggie: Might have been.

Roy Frazer: Bondage? Animals? Kids?

Ray Heggie: I'm not into any of that, I've told you.

Roy Frazer: Your ex says different.

Ray Heggie: That slut'd say anything. Wait till I see her...

Roy Frazer: Anything happens to her, Mr Heggie, if she so much as catches a cold, I'll have you back in here. Understood?

Ray Heggie: I didn't mean anything. It's just a saying, isn't it? But she's been slagging me off, telling people I've got AIDS, you name it. Vindictive, she is. Any chance of a cuppa?

Roy Frazer: We'll take a break in five minutes. You've got a record of violence, Mr Heggie. My thinking is: you lost patience with the kid, didn't mean to hurt him. But a valve blew, and next thing you knew he was dead.

Ray Heggie: No.

Roy Frazer: So you had to hide him somewhere.

Ray Heggie: No. I keep telling you-

Roy Frazer: Where is he then? How come he goes missing and you turn out to have a record of hurting kids?

Ray Heggie: All you've got is Belinda's word for it! I'm telling you, get a doctor to look at Fliss. And even if it turns out someone's been poking her, no way it was me. No fucking way. Ask her.

Roy Frazer: We're doing that, Mr Heggie.

Ray Heggie: And if she says I did anything, her mum's put her up to it. I don't believe this, really I don't. You lot told Joanna. Now what's she going to think?

Roy Frazer: Why do you always shack up with single mothers?

Ray Heggie: Tell me this is a bad dream.

John Rebus: Did you know Darren Rough, Mr Heggie?

Ray Heggie: He's the one that got topped? Never knew him.

John Rebus: Never spoke to him?

Ray Heggie: We weren't in the same block.

John Rebus: You knew where he lived then?

Ray Heggie: It's been all over the papers. Perverted little bastard, whoever did it deserves a medal.

John Rebus: Why do you say he was "little"? He was, by the way. Not tall, at any rate. But it wasn't in the papers.

Ray Heggie: It's just...something you say, isn't it?

John Rebus: It's certainly something you say. Makes me think you'd seen him.

Ray Heggie: Maybe I had. It's not that big a scheme.

John Rebus: No, it's not. Everyone knows everyone else.

Ray Heggie: Until the council move in bastards they can't put anywhere else.

John Rebus: So you might have seen Darren Rough around?

Ray Heggie: What difference does it make?

John Rebus: It's just that he liked young kids too. Paedophiles seem to be good at recognising one another.

Ray Heggie: I'm not a paedophile! I'd kill every last one of them.

John Rebus: Did you start with Darren?

Ray Heggie: What?

John Rebus: Get rid of him, you'd be a hero.

Ray Heggie: So now I didn't just do in Billy, I topped the pervert as well?

John Rebus: Is that what you're telling us?

Ray Heggie: I haven't killed anyone!

John Rebus: How did you get on with Billy, by the way? Must've been awkward, having him around, you wanting Joanna all to yourself.

Ray Heggie: He's a nice kid.

Roy Frazer: Sit down, Mr Heggie.

Ray Heggie: He's trying to set me up!

John Rebus: I'm just after the truth.

Roy Frazer: Inspector Rebus leaving the interrogation room.