Resurrection men

The cover of Resurrection Men

Resurrection Men, the thirteenth novel in the Inspector Rebus series, is set against the murder of an art dealer in Edinburgh. Rebus is currently being re-trained at Tulliallan for insubordination, but events surface that leads him to question his reasons for being there.


Detective Inspector John Rebus may have gone too far - a bit of backchat is one thing, but letting fly at the Chief Superintendent with a full mug of the vending machine's finest can't be ignored. Rebus is sent back to the Police College for retraining, aong with four of the Scottish Force's more unorthodox detectives.

But there's something bigger in the offing than a cosy chat with the Careers Assessment officer. The unsolved case that the malcontents have been assigned to is one some of the team are familiar with. Rebus knew the victim, one Rico Lomax, a Glasgow lowlife no one has much cause to mourn. Is the choice of case deliberate? Are the Big House looking not to resurrect their erstwhile colleagues, but rather to find a way of getting rid of them for good?

Back in Edinburgh the case Rebus left behind has thrown up a surprising suspect. Trawling through the guest list of a murdered art dealer's last private view, Detective Sergeant Siobhan Clarke comes across the signature of Morris Gerald Cafferty, Rebus's nemesis, recently released from the notorious Barlinnie. Siobhan's been promoted, but is she really ready to step into John Rebus's shoes and will she be able to play Cafferty's game?


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