Rebus, after working with the others until six, drives Gray and Sutherland to Edinburgh. Jazz McCullough drives the other two, and they go for a curry on Nicolson Street. They then go to five pubs, and Francis Gray takes them to John Knox’s house. Ward and Barclay complain at the lack of women, then Ward starts chatting to two, who turn out to be Jean Burchill and a friend. She leaves angrily without a word to Rebus, so the group move onto another pub. Rebus feels trapped, and imagines himself after a few drinks admitting that Lomax’s murder was his fault.

They get a taxi back to Rebus’s house, and he gives them drinks. Francis Gray admits that he and Jazz go back a long time, then they talk about John’s marriage and Jazz’s. They stay for a drink then Jazz drives them back. As Rebus is clearing up, Siobhan rings to check no-one has broken in as she was passing and saw the light. He invites her up, and she tells him about her Cafferty interview and that the weasel was being shouted at by him. He tells her that they might be in Edinburgh for a couple of days so might be around St. Leonard’s.