The next morning the six officers attend a Case Management class with DCI Tennant, who turns out to be the man at the bar from the previous night. He tells them that they will be working together on an old unsolved case, that of Eric Lomax. He was beaten to death with a wooden instrument in an alley in Glasgow. DI Gray worked the original case, but they will all work together to see if anything was missed.

Meanwhile Siobhan Clarke and a new recruit into the station, Davie Hynds, are going to question Malcolm Neilson. After a run in with a man stealing her parking space, Siobhan leads the questioning until Malcolm brings in his solicitor, William Allison, who happens to be the parking space thief. Siobhan threatens to take Malcolm to the station, so he gets rid of William. Siobhan and Davie conduct the interview.

Back at the station, they get a tea from the machine and Siobhan finds another screensaver message. She talks to Grant Hood for a bit then Templer comes up and they report back from the interview - Malcolm doesn’t deny his disagreement with the deceased, but says that evening he went to a few pubs then came home and listened to Wagner. Templer then introduces DI Derek Linford as a replacement DI for Rebus, and Hynds buys him a tea fro the machine. Siobhan and Derek exchange words. Then in Templer’s office, Siobhan asks why Linford had to be chosen. She doesn’t want to tell about his spying on her, so leaves, but turns back to ask to be the one who interviews Cafferty.

Rebus meanwhile is staying late at the seminar room to look over the case notes, while the others are at the pub. Francis Gray comes in, and they talk about why they have been sent here. Then the others come in from the pub and join in looking over the case notes. Stu Sutherland makes the point that Rico Lomax was a freelance responsible for hiding mob members when they were in trouble. Rebus leaves for the toilet and meets DCI Tennant, who is observing the men secretly. Rebus then makes a call asking for a meet with someone, then goes to the toilets and encounters an irate Allan Ward claiming the entire thing is a waste of time.