Friday morning, and the group are giving a report of what they’ve done so far to DCI Tennant. Gray reveals Rico Lomax’s widow Fenella is now with a major mob member, a piece of information that Barclay thinks should have been shared earlier. Tennant pairs them up to go through interview transcripts, but there is friction between Gray and Barclay. Stu Sutherland says that what they really need is the name of whoever Rico was hiding at the time, but this causes an argument which descends into Barclay trying to attack Gray. He is restrained, as Andrea Thompson comes in to tell Rebus he has a call. By the time they get to her office, the caller has hung up, but they soon call back and identify themselves as Claverhouse. He and Ormiston are parked in the visitor’s car park, and ask Rebus to come as they need his help.

Rebus goes to the car park and meets Ormiston and Claverhouse in a black cab. They drive away with him, telling him that they want his help to bring down Big Ger Cafferty. They say they think Rebus can get the Weasel, his first lieutenant, on the police’s side as they have just found the Weasel’s son in possession of a large amount of drugs. They drive Rebus to a warehouse, containing a truck and drug stash belonging to the son, Aly. Rebus agrees to talk to the Weasel, but insists that he won’t turn against Cafferty.