Siobhan and Davie Hynds are interviewing Dominic Mann, another art dealer. They talk about his business for a while and Hynds puts to him the fact that other art dealers would benefit from Marber’s death. Mann agrees, and then reveals that Edward Marber had an unusual taste in relationships: he only liked prostitutes.

Meanwhile Rebus meets the Weasel by the canal, and he agrees to the deal of taking down Cafferty in exchange for his son’s freedom. He reveals that his son doesn’t know of his business with Cafferty, nor does Cafferty know Aly is dealing on his patch. They go for a drink at The Diggers and Rebus tells the Weasel to get a lawyer to try to fight Aly’s case. They shake hands, and Rebus goes back to Claverhouse and tells him the Weasel wasn’t interested. He is dropped back off at Tulliallan.

Rebus meets the others in the college bar, finds out he missed a lecture on the importance of exercise. After he buys a round Francis Gray asks to speak to him outside. Gray shows him a bit of paper from the case notes detailing the fact that Rebus had been involved in the original Rico Lomax inquiry when two officers went to Edinburgh to track down Richard Diamond, an associate of Lomax. Gray gives Rebus the paper, allowing him to keep concealing the fact he had been involved.