That evening Siobhan and Davie are questioning Cynthia Bessant at her home, asking about Marber’s dealings with prostitutes. She tells them that he used a sauna off Commercial Street, so they leave and Siobhan checks the classifieds in a paper. They find the ‘Paradiso’ sauna and drive over to it. They question the man on front desk, Ricky, who tells them that he thinks Eddie might have been in a few times. He refuses to show them the ledger, and when the officers check the back rooms all the girls have run off. Siobhan and Davie leave just as the solicitor is on his way.

Rebus and Francis talk about their weekend plans at the end of the evening. Rebus has none, so he goes upto his room for the night. When he gets there, he calls his mysterious person again asking when they will meet. He is told Monday. Meanwhile Eric Bain comes round to Siobhan’s house, and they talk for a while. Bain tells her that it is actually Morris Cafferty who owns the Paradiso. She is intrigued.