Siobhan is meeting with Dominic Mann in a west end café, while Eddie Marber’s funeral is on. Mann reveals that he went to Marber’s gallery the evening of the murder and saw Malcolm Neilson standing outside. She leaves and calls Hynds, who has been working over the weekend. He tells her that Marber was renting a self storage unit, though he had been and found it empty. He also has been to talk with Cynthia Bessant again. She tells him about Neilson, and they arrange to meet and talk with him again.

They arrive at Neilson’s flat and ask him about the night of the murder. He admits to being at the gallery, but denies going in. He mentions he saw Cafferty there, and identifies him as a local businessman who owns one of his own paintings. Outside, Hynds asks why he wasn’t invited along to the Mann interview. They then talk about Neilson’s artwork and the art scene in general, Hynds having researched it from an art critic he spoke to. He says he wants to re-interview artists involved with Marber, but has been stopped by DCS Templer. They talk about Templer, then Cafferty, but a phone call from Cynthia Bessant interrupts them to tell them one of Marber’s paintings is missing. They drive to his gallery and meet Cynthia there, who tells them it’s not here or at the house. Siobhan sends Hynds to take Cynthia to the house to double check.