Rebus returns to the syndicate room, and finds the others poring over the file on Richard Diamond. It shows Rebus had arrested him twice in the past, though Rebus had claimed to hardly know him. The group decide it would be helpful to go to Edinburgh to interview Diamond’s accomplices, as his current whereabouts are unknown.

After lunch, they had a crime management class where they were taught about MMI. Then they had a class on Forensic Entomology, and Rebus and Ward go outside for a smoke. There Rebus asks him about his relationship with Francis Gray, and the case they previously worked on together. When Ward leaves Rebus phones Jean, telling her he doesn’t know when he’ll be back in Edinburgh.

Back inside Rebus sees the group talking about something, and finds out that Gray got a call telling him Chib Kelly, Fenella Lomax’s new partner, owned the pub Rico Lomax was killed outside of. Rebus suggests speaking to Chib Kelly, but Tennant says first they need to make sure the information didn’t come up in the original inquiry.