Siobhan and David go to MGC Letting to speak to Cafferty. They see the weasel coming out of a meeting with him, before going in and observing a stack of bubble-wrapped paintings in the corner of his office. After ascertaining none of them are the missing one of Marber’s, they talk to him about the night of the murder. He says after the viewing he went for a drink with some business associates and then home, however Siobhan caught him saying that he called Marber’s taxi and then correcting himself. Outside, the two officers surmise that the taxi was probably one of Cafferty’s own.

On the street outside Siobhan sees the weasel in a Jaguar across the street. She goes to investigate only to have it pull away. They head back to the station, where Hynds then sets off to pick up Cynthia Bessant from Marber’s house. Siobhan talks to Templer about the missing painting.