Rhona Phillips is the ex-wife of John Rebus. She worked as a school teacher in a small fishing village on the Fife coast, and had a short and brutal marraige earlier in her life. Then she met John on his first holiday from his police work, and they had moved in together in Edinburgh where she taught English. Then she had their daughter, Samantha, and they became more distant, finally getting divorced. She then met Andrew Anderson in the Edinburgh Main Lending Library and began seeing him.

She often took Samantha to the library, exposing her to the Edinburgh Strangler Gordon Reeve. When Gordon Reeve went to her home to kidnap Sammy he knocked Rhona on the head, fracturing her skull. Rhona was taken to hospital and recovered soon after. However Andrew her partner was killed.

After Samantha was rescued by the police, Rhona took her away from Edinburgh and they both moved down to London, ...

Appearances Edit

  • Knots & Crosses
  • The Hanging Garden