Set In Darkness is the eleventh Rebus novel in the series. In it, Rebus investigates a body from the 70s and a murdered member of the Scottish Parliament while Siobhan Clarke follows up on a suicide victim with an unusually large bank account.


Edinburgh is about to become the home of the first Scottish Parliament in nigh on three hundred years. Detective Inspector John Rebus is charged with liaison, thanks to its being housed bang in the middle of his St Leonard's patch.

Queensberry House is home not just to the new Scotland's rulers to be, but to the legend of a young man roasted on a spit by a madman. When the fireplace where the youth died is uncovered, another more recent murder victim is revealed. Days later a third body is found. This time the victim is a prospective MSP and the powers that be are on Rebus's back demanding instant answers.

Someone's going to make a lot of money out of Scotland's independence and where there's big money at stake, darkness gathers...