The Hanging Garden is the ninth novel in the Inspector Rebus series. The book involves Rebus investigating a man suspected of wartime atrocities in the Nazi party, while also trying to help an eastern european prostitute who becomes attached to him. He becomes embroiled in a gang war, a sting operation and a suspicious suicide.

Synopsis Edit

DI John Rebus is on the paper trail of a WWII war criminal...until the running battle between two rival gangs on the city streets arrives at his door. A Chechen gangster is running prostitutes out of Bosnia via Tommy Telford, a Glaswegian upstart muscling in on Edinburgh territory. When his own daughter is the victim of a hit and run Rebus is forced to acknowledge that there is nothing he wouldn't do to bring down prime suspect Tommy Telford - even if it means cutting a deal with the devil.books [[Category:books books]]